Saturday, February 2, 2008


There came in the mail the other day many mysterious padded envelopes. Quite shockingly, they were not addressed to me, but rather to my person, Sarah. I patiently waited for them to be opened so that I could explore the contents (someone has to watch out for the girl, after all) and was delighted to find that they had delivered to me quite a large pile of shiny and enticing objects!

I at once commenced my inspection of them (to make sure that none would be harmful or possibly deadly to my person... I still need her for food, water, cuddling and so on...) and found them to be quite suspicious and thus claimed them for my own. If some of those smaller beads and clasps were to fall into a human's irresponsible hands there is no telling just what they might choke on. Poor simpletons.

I collected the stash together into a pile, the better to watch over it all, and thoroughly examined each piece. There were red ones and pink ones and black ones and white ones. Shiny and dull, glass and stone. I particularly enjoyed the taste of the blue/green azurite.

However, for some ridiculous reason beyond any intellectual understanding, my person was not as thrilled with my plans for keeping all the shiny and colourful beads. She removed them from my watchful care and placed them in a box beyond my reach.

I was understandably offended.

Obviously whatever it is that she plans to do with this delectable assortment of goodies will not compare to how I could have used them to beautify my living space. And she is therefore not worthy of them.

But try telling a human that. Hmph.

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