Friday, February 8, 2008

Cat's best friend.

Though I do have a very useful human companion, every cat of my standing requires a beast of their own species with which to commune. My human is a bit slow to understand the feline language and also (quite inexplicably) has never been interested in skittering around on the floor in the middle of the night, chasing each other up and down the stairs or wrestling. Of course, this may not be a bad thing as she is rather larger than I am and could possibly crush my delicate self.

Luckily for me (I do live a golden life, do I not?), when I was brought to this house there was a feline companion already waiting for me. Interesting that though the humans had only just learned of my existence, they had already thoughtfully obtained a playmate for me. They call her Stetta. She wasn't as thrilled to see me at first as I felt she should be, but with time and a little coaxing, she was finally won over by my irresistible charm.

She is a few years older than myself, but where other older feline companions may have rejected the floor skittering of their youth, she retained a love of such things as wrestling, chasing and paw batting (which most often dissolves into biting and more chasing) and is in fact more energetic than some cats half her age. I can only imagine that this determined retention of such tomfoolery is a tribute to her high esteem of my humble self, for there is no other reason I can see for a cat of nearly 12 years in age to still be so sporty in nature.

What, you may ask, is the secret to her youthful longevity? For this I have but one answer. Sleep. Lots and lots of sleep. Where most cats will sleep 70% or so of their lives, I would estimate that she quite probably sleeps around 85% of her life. She finds the insides of a soft warm bed and naps all day there, coming out for food, the occasional peak to see what's going on, a drink of water or two, but it's always right back to bed for her. It is only at night after the lights are out and the humans are asleep that she and I will skitter and wrestle. But she does not spend all night awake, not at all. After a good amount of running around, it's back to that soft, warm bed for her. She cuddles up to a human and continues her "fountain of youth" treatment.

I suppose I don't mind too much. I personally am a 70% sleep sort of fellow. So while I am awake at times and would like to play, she is asleep. Now, if I were incredibly bored, I could wake her up, that is always within my power. But I dare not cut her life short by interrupting the sacred sleep cycle too often.

So it is in these times of boredom, while my feline friend is napping, that I turn to my human for entertainment and affection. And it is in these instances that my human becomes most useful, and is why it is clearly necessary that I should have them both.

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MGoodell said...

I love this perspective! I mean...Arthur, your a great writer. Maybe you would be interested in one of my new features a new cat character...and its a her. Her name is Molly. You might want to check her out!