Thursday, April 24, 2008

Same CAT time, same CAT channel.....

Not everyone can be a super hero. Oh sure, you can save a kid from drowning or help a little old lady across a busy street, but that's just regular every day stuff. Super heroes have much more dangerous, secret, and impressive lives and duties. Things like redirecting asteroids to save the planet and holding up falling buildings. That is the kind of super hero I am.

A big part of being a super hero is keeping your true identity a secret. That is, of course, how a super hero maintains a sense of normalcy and keeps the throngs of paparazzi at bay. Recently, however, I made a slip up and was seen in my cape.

With a bit of quick thinking and ingenuity, I was able to turn this otherwise catastrophic event into something seemingly harmless. I located the nearest box and settled in, giving the humans the illusion that I was merely resting and enjoyed being covered in a "blanket" for warmth.

This seemed to work well, no uncomfortable questions followed, and I think (for now) my super hero identity remains secure. But I'll be keeping one eye open, just in case.....

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Always eat your greens....

Fickle eater though I may be, there is always room in my tummy for anything full of chlorophyll. I can't get enough of green, green, green.

Generally, I prefer my greens to be freshly grown grass, spring is best, summer will do. However, in this new house I have yet to be allowed outdoors, and can see through the dining room window that there isn't a blade of the delicious greenery yet sprung from the mud.

How then is a cat of my nutritious needs to find his chlorophyll? Green beans. Yes, green beans. I realize that to most the thought of a cat wanting and actually enjoying a green bean is a strange thought. But bear in mind the factors that brought me to this state. I haven't had any fresh greens (excluding house plants, of which there aren't many remaining alive after the meals I have made of them) since last summer. Locked up in a house with nothing more than a few shredded plants has made the sight of a green bean a tempting one.

The green bean offered to me a few days ago was frozen. Contrary to popular belief, which would hold that a cat would not like a green bean and especially not a frozen one, this bean which a human held out to me was like a chlorophyll popsicle. I gnawed it until it was soft and then pulled it apart bit by bit. It was wonderful.

Thus, I have decided that until there is grass up and about and I am allowed a supervised trip outside to pounce and consume it, green beans will be my staple form of greens.

And in the meantime, I will dream back to the days when a carpet of grass was always at my ready....