Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A'tunneling we will go...

Like any cat, I enjoy a nice warm nap now and then. In the absence of a conveniently placed sunbeam, a cat must be creative in seeking a spot appropriate for a lengthy slumber.

One of my favourite spots is between the quilts in my human's bed. She doesn't make it very easy for me, however, and this is where my tunneling skills come into play. It takes a bit of talent to lift up the corner of one quilt and wiggle down in between them both.

Once situated, I could nap for hours. In fact, I often do. However, now and then even I will have the occasional trouble getting the right corner of a quilt up and will have to resort to whatever I can manage. Like between the sheets. For some reason this is not something my human approves of (fickle humans...) and I am often admonished when found between the sheets.

To appease my incomprehensible human, I sometimes tunnel into someone else's bed. I am often caught out at this too, though (see photo above) and am removed forcibly. I do consider the warm, soft nap to be worth it, however. And if I am clever enough (and I usually am) I can even disguise myself as a pillow and avoid detection for an even longer period of time.

I wasn't always a tunneler, I'll admit, but once my feline friend, Stetta had introduced me to the comforts of a human bed, I could not resist spending many a cold winter day in such a delightful spot.

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