Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A new home.

After two weeks of trying my best to be a good feline companion to the man, there came a knock at the door. Prior visitors to the house had held no appeal to me, and since there wasn't a clear path to the door (being born in a barn, I was perpetually in the quest of some outdoor time) I instead opted to hide under the bed and observe the interaction from a dark corner.

Three people entered. A tall man, a small girl and a slightly taller girl who peered around as if searching something out. Call it feline intuition, but I knew immediately that they were not here for the old man, and since no others took shelter in that little home they could only have come for me. I dashed out from under the bed and skittered around on all four feet with my tail spiked and ready for action. Displaying my talents for quick movement, I dodged a few bits of furniture and made a pass by the lovely new people. The two girls bent down to catch me, but I was too fast for them and plowed gracelessly into a wall.

The people spoke amongst themselves for a few minutes, while the tall girl, clearly taking note of my adorable charm, shook a set of keys in the hopes of enticing me closer. Perhaps no escape to the outdoors was needed, I thought. I would simply leave with these people who so clearly intended me to go with them.

The meeting ended, the people headed for the door, and I followed, tail high and proud. Then suddenly the door closed on my tender nose and the people were gone. I was somewhat confused, as I'm sure you can imagine. I had been so sure that they were my destined ones.

I spent a troubled half hour pondering my future, before there came again a knocking on that humble door. In came those same people again, and this time they scooped me up and carried me out with them. Though I was sad to say good bye to the man, I was glad to have these girls to play with, they seemed very kind. The explanation I was given for the wait was some ridiculous nonsense along the lines of checking with their mother that I was suitable. As if there could be question! Hmph.

Stuffed inside a sweatshirt, I was taken to the vet, given a warm bath and fed big meal. The slightly taller girl concentrated much effort upon me to ensure that I was cleaned thoroughly with a wash cloth and had a comfortable place to sleep. It was a nice big house full of adoring people. I felt very at home with these people and silently thanked the old man for choosing such a lovely family for me.


Anonymous said...

Thank heavens you found him! He is adorable, but what different a life he would have had if he'd had to stay with that man? I bet you spoil him rotten.

Stephanie said...

Arthur, you're such a great storyteller! *nuzzles*