Monday, January 21, 2008

Introduction to King Arthur.

I was born but a simple barn cat. Many siblings had I. And only so many food receptacles on poor mummy. Food and life were paramount, I wasn't going to get my needs met by accident. Some would say that I was pushy.... perhaps they are right. Whatever you call it, I made sure that I was amply fed, and that's all that matters, after all. A well fed cat is a happy cat.

After six weeks in the barn, I was adopted by an elderly man who lived alone in a small house in a small town. He wanted a companion and chose me from the litter for my spunk and charm. He named me Top Knotch in reference to the dark spot on top of my head and his high esteem for my person. He seemed to be in poor health and had braces on his legs which made loud noises as he walked. Though he seemed to care for me a great deal, he was unable to provide for me in the way that he knew a cat of my stature required.

After two weeks together, he called upon a trusted acquaintance of his to come and take me away to a household that was better set up for the care of a cat.

To be continued.....

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Anonymous said...

What a darling little boy! I look forward to reading more about him. Kiss his furry ears for me.